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So the other day I read the most perfect thing on Pinterest... because Pinterest has the answers to everything. This quote said, "Have 3 hobbies. 1 that keeps you creative, 1 that makes you strong, and 1 that makes you money."

That really stuck out to me and my mind started to soar! I mean that is such a good philosophy. When you're working to be creative, working to be strong, and working to make money then what else do you need? So when I read this I began to brainstorm ideas for what my 3 hobbies could be. Sooooo I opened my pinterest again and began to search for 3 hobbies.

Creative- Cooking

Strong- Hiking

Money- A blog

These hobbies didn't take me long to come up with because I realized that I already had creative, strong, and money making hobbies. Every Sunday I meal prep and have fallen in love with creating new meals each week (with the help of pinterest ;) I love to hike. Love it, but I never go and I need to so I say it was fait. And as for my blog... well I made this blog 1 year ago and never really used it. So when I saw the idea to make a blog to make money I knew I was 1 step ahead of the game. I don't attend to make money from this blog but it is a great way to start a new platform so I can write and be 'creative.'

SOO my goal is to document my hobbies. This will be a little series that you can follow along with and I will make videos to go along for us lazy people! So one post might be me grocery shopping and cooking and what recipes I use and eveything like that. One post might be me hiking and where I go or a sick timelapse that looks all motvational. And more stuff like that to come, so stay tuned for more posts and videos!

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