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Social Media Cleanse

In today's time we are addicted to Social Media. We obsess over a false sense of love and worth. We feed off of likes, comments, and views. Ideas a fears are constantly being put in our heads. 

I've decided to delete: snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and Netflix. 

Day 1- I found it really hard to get ready, I always watch an episode of my favorite tv show on Netflix but this morning I didn't. I also find myself reaching for my phone so I can scroll through Instagram or send a few snapchats. Being in school I always am on my phone. Whenever there is a moment of free time I reach to go through social media. But today I reach for my phone then decided to either put it away or write about my day. Both way better options then waisting my time watching videos on Instagram or comparing my life to people on snapchat.

What I find is that I will turn on my phone and go exactly to the file and spot where I kept Instagram and I will open the app that Has took its place. Not even thinking of it. I just do it like having to breathe. But now instead of opening Instagram I keep accidently opening the app for my baking account.

I can see my addiction and it's very obvious that I have an attachment to social media, but I hope that over time I can stop. I want to be Able to sit by myself and not have to turn on the tv or play on my phone. I want to have to ability to be by myself without the noises and lies of social media. 

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