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Bathroom Renovation

So starting out, my bathroom was beige and had chocolate brown trim. When we decided to renovate my room I was MORE that excited to change my bathroom to be classy and relaxing!

Starting with my newest addition, my shelves! We bought these shelves at our local Lowes. We bought 2 of these grey floating shelves:


Starting from the top and moving left to right, I have had this white destressed can in my house and thought it would match my theme. These types of cans can be found at any antique show or even retail stores such as Home Goods and T.J Maxx, if interested! Then laying on the white jar is an old doily that my great grandmother made! Next I bought these 2 glass jars with silver hardware lids. I found these at Home Goods (which you will soon realize is where I get majority of my decorations!) These retailed at about 5 dollars each and I chose to fill one with makeup sponges and the other with my favorite makeup products. Next I simply have a mason jar filled with one stem of artifical cotton. With this entire look cotton brings it all together making the whole thing look so soft and dainty! Next I have a little mini candle. I bought these at Tj. Maxx and they came in a pack of 4 for $9.99. So I got 4 mini candles in the scent "Fresh Cut Gardenia" the candle is made by Dw Home.

For the same package on amazon:


Last on the top shelf I have a White Letter "M" and I have had this so long that I am not sure as to where I bought it! If interested in something similar, I typed "white letter decor" into Amazon and got many choices.

White letter-

On the botton Shelf I have 3 white wicker baskets that just hold all my makeup that I use day to day! I don't have the link and prices on these baskets but Potery Barn has many that would do jsut fine.

Similar Baskets:

Moving on to my new counter top! So before I even started me reno, there was nothing here, the space was completly empty. I kept seeing these amazing vanaties in my pinterest feed, then we had the idea to install a vanity that would fit in this awkward space. We got a piece of laminate marble coutertop then shortly installed! This can be done with any house project, it was very simple.

On top of my vanity I placed only a few things so I could have lots of room to do my hair and makeup. On the left I just put the mirror that I use to do my makeup. In the right corner I have my absolute favorite perfume. (Elie Saab is the brand if interested!) In the middle I have an old milk jug that I have from an antique store. On the end I have a candle (Full size) by DW home. In the middle I have a soap dish that I have used as a ring tray. You can't see the detail, but the inside where my rings lay has engraved designs... so cute and a cheap alternative!

Ring Tray-

Light Fixture-,4294390907&offset=180

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